POLAND 2.0 | 2020


Due to the ongoing risk associated with COVID-19 pandemic, we have decided to act responsibly and take this year’s Summit online. Yet despite not being able to organise a physical event in London this year, we remain determined to provide you with the most valuable conference experience possible. The only difference is that you will be enjoying it from the comfort of your own home.

As per usual, the Summit will tackle issues related to startups, innovation and entrepreneurship. This year’s thematic blocs will be as follows: Intro, Entrepreneurship & Finance, Creative Technology, MedTech, Sustainability, State & Security and Digital Future.


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day 1: TUESDAY, 27th of October, 17:00 - 21:00

16:45 - 17:00


17:00 - 17:15



  • Aleksandra Wróbel, Poland 2.0 Team Leader
  • Michał Gren, Poland 2.0 Team Leader
  • Oktawian Zając, Managing Director, Partner & Head of Warsaw Office, Boston Consulting Group

17:15 - 17:50

🇵🇱 Rethinking remote reality. Reimagining work-life balance. How can you make the new normal work for you?


  • Grażyna Piotrowska-Oliwa, Former CEO, Virgin Mobile Polska
  • Agnieszka Kulas, Partner & Associate Director, Boston Consulting Group
  • Ewa Tumanow, Client Partner CEE, Facebook


Moderator: Aleksandra Wróbel, Poland 2.0 Team Leader

17:50 - 18:00

🇵🇱 EmpowerPL

Announcing: Franciszek Hutten-Czapski, Senior Partner, Managing Director & Chairman, Boston Consulting Group Poland


18:00 - 18:20

🇵🇱 Awaiting the unicorn. The case study of Polish startups.

Speaker: Michał Borkowski, CEO, Brainly

Moderator: Eliza Kruczkowska, Chief Information Officer, Polish Development Fund (PFR Foundation) 

18:20 - 18:55

🇵🇱 Starting a business in times of uncertainty. A recipe for success?


  • Piotr Boulangé, Director, Founder Institute Warsaw & Startup Mentor, Accelpoint 
  • Magdalena Linke-Koszek, Founder & CEO, Her impact


Moderator: Katarzyna Turowski Paliwoda, Head of Emerging Markets CEE, Facebook

18:55 - 19:15

🇵🇱 Cloud computing forecast. Is the hybrid approach the best of both worlds?


  • Michał Potoczek, CEO, Operator Chmury Krajowej
  • Robert Stanikowski, Managing Director & Partner, Boston Consulting Group Poland


Moderator: Magdalena Dziewguć, CEE Territory Manager, Google Cloud

BREAK: 19:15 - 19:30

19:30 - 20:05

🇵🇱 The rise and rise of the Polish gaming industry - a surprising economic success story.


  • Maciej Zużałek, CEO, Ten Square Games
  • Konrad Kapeluch, Principal & Recruiting Director, Boston Consulting Group
  • Mateusz Wcześniak, CEO & Founder, Movie Games


Moderator: Robert Podgórski, Founder, BlackMoon Design

20:05 - 20:20

🇵🇱 Meet Platige Image and the VFX magic behind The Witcher.

Speaker: Krzysztof Krok, VFX Producer – The Witcher | Netflix, Platige Image

20:20 - 20:55

🇬🇧 What happens when sport meets technology?


  • Oren Simanian, Founder, VP, Colosseum Sports
  • Slawek Kaczor, CEO, SAG Sport

Moderator: Thomas Alomes, Host, Sports Tech World Series

20:55 - 21:00

Day 1 wrap-up

day 2: WEDNESDAY, 28th of October, 17:00 - 19:30

17:00 - 17:35

🇵🇱 Mobile MedTech on the rise. The evolving image of autonomous healthcare delivery.


  • Eva Galant, CEO, Hashiona
  • Kamila Staryga, VP of Product, Flo


Moderator: Paweł Sieczkiewicz, CEO, Telemedi.co

17:35 - 17:50

🇵🇱 Outracing the pandemic. Machine learning in the duty of monitoring infectious outbreaks.

Speaker: Ligia Kornowska, Managing Director, Polish Hospital Federation

17:50 - 18:10

🇵🇱 Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the healthcare industry. What are the risks, what are the gains?

Speaker: Oskar Kiwic, CEO, CardioCube

Moderator: Jacek Mikosz, Co-Founder, FindAir

BREAK: 18:10 - 18:25

18:25 - 18:45

🇵🇱 Scaling down nuclear power plants. Fantasy or a way to go?

Speaker: Andrzej Sikora, CEO, Instytut Studiów Energetycznych

Moderator: Michał Niewiadomski, Editor-in-Chief, Rzeczpospolita Energia

19:05 - 19:20

🇬🇧 Smart, sustainable, safe. The future of IoT in smart city development.

Speaker: Reza Alagheband, CEO, Envio Systems

19:20 - 19:25

Day 2 wrap-up

day 3: THURSDAY, 29th of October, 17:00 - 19:50

17:00 - 17:35

🇵🇱 International cybercrime legislation. What are the odds of effective cyber law enforcement?


  • Wiesław Goździewicz, Former Legal Adviser, NATO Joint Force Training Centre in Bydgoszcz
  • Maciej Gawroński, Managing Partner, Gawroński & Partners


Moderator: Andrzej Kozłowski, Editor-in-Chief, CyberDefence24

17:35 - 17:50

🇬🇧 Digital power play - cyber diplomacy and emerging tech threats.

Speaker: Līga Raita Rozentāle, Senior Director for Cybersecurity Policy, Microsoft

17:50 - 18:10

🇵🇱 The future of Artificial Intelligence. Empowered or overpowered?

Speaker: Jarosław Królewski, CEO Synerise

Moderator: Mateusz Wiklo, CEO, epinote.ai

18:10 - 18:25

🇵🇱 Public-Private Partnership in Cybersecurity - PWCyber Program in Poland.

Speaker: Robert Kośla, Director of Department of Cybersecurity, The Chancellery of the Prime Minister

BREAK: 18:25 - 18:40

18:40 - 18:55

🇵🇱 Neuroprosthetics - human augmentation or restoration?

Speaker: Paweł Soluch, Founder & CEO, NeuroDevice

18:55 - 19:15

🇵🇱 Blockchain-based virtual land. Would you bet your money on it?


  • Łukasz Margański, Managing Director & COO, BCG Platinion CEE
  • Robert Kałuża, Co-Founder, Billon

19:15 - 19:35

🇵🇱 BCG x Vogue Polska: Clients’ Adaptation to Sustainability in Fashion & Luxury.


  • Magdalena Lemańska, Chief Sustainability Officer, Vogue Polska
  • Joanna Dłutowska, Project Leader, Boston Consulting Group

19:35 - 19:40