Progress defines future. Scientific and technological innovation shapes our everyday life. Some ask how can we see impact of something that is only coming on our lives. And we are here to show that innovation is the omnipresent, universal language capable of connecting diverse fields together.

This October, Poland 2.0 Summit will create a platform for students, public servants and professionals to engage in an inspiring discussion about the future direction of technology, innovation and sustainability. We will prove that some seemingly distinct fields like finance, health-care, gaming are in fact connected by one factor: spectacular breakthroughs by no other but Poles.

Tomorrow may well be anybody’s guess, but we believe that the brilliant minds of today can take the future into their own hands and shape it.

At Poland 2.0 Summit, you will have a unique chance to network with like-minded peers, meet the game-changing business players during lunches, workshops and more, learn about crucial changes across industries, and improve your career prospects, during this annual event.

Meet the Team

  • Bartłomiej Możdżeń

    King's College London

    Project Leader

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  • Dawid Fleischer

    University of Warwick

    Project Leader

  • Izabela Bany

    Polish Development Fund

    Head of Communication

  • Hubert Buczkowski


    App Developer

  • Pola Weryszko

    Copenhagen Business School

    External Relations Officer

  • Maja Wojtyńska

    Imperial College London

    External Relations Officer

  • Tomasz Jeleń

    Rotterdam School of Management

    Finance Officer

  • Rozalia Kierc

    Bydgoszcz Music Academy

    Graphic Designer

  • Zuzanna Dembińska

    Queen Mary University of London

    Legal Officer

  • Sylwia Biszczuk


    Logistics Officer

  • Oliwia Puto

    King's College London

    Logistics Officer

  • Natalia Rochmińska

    University of Oxford

    Logistics Officer

  • Patrycja Jasiurska

    King's College London

    Marketing Officer

  • Krzysztof Rentflejsz

    University of Warwick

    Programme Officer

  • Mateusz Andrulewicz

    University of Birmingham

    Programme Officer

  • Aleksandra Wróbel

    University of Surrey

    Public Relations Officer

  • Artur Komoter


    Web Officer

  • Michał Gren

    Bocconi University

    Marketing Officer