Poland 2.0 Summit

Imperial College London / The Royal Society

Poland 2.0 Summit is an annual conference for professionals and students that aims to present how innovation and technological progress are transforming the future of life, business, and public policy; placing a special emphasis on the role of Poland as a promising player in this field.


  1. Friday, November 23rd

    On this day there will be an opportunity to attend one of the several engaging workshops.

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      Representatives from BCG, Cambridge Innovation Consulting and Amazon will host workshops themed around the industries that they specialise in.

      BCG: Transport Revolution. An in-depth look into e-mobility, followed by a case study

      Amazon : Run an Operation. A business case study

      Cambridge Innovation Consulting: AI for next-generation drug discovery


        Imperial College London


        London, SW7 2AZ

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    2. Saturday, November 24th

      The main part of the conference. Throughout the day, you will have a chance to listen to a number of interesting, thought-provoking discussions and presentations.

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        Attendees sign in, collect their ID badges and receive complimentary goody bags from us and our sponsors!


          The Royal Society

          6-9 Carlton House Terrace

          London, SW1Y 5AG

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          Opening and Welcome Address

          The conference begins with a welcoming speech by His Excellency Ambassador Arkady Rzegocki.

          • Arkady Rzegocki

            Embassy of the Republic of Poland in London

        • -Keynote

          eHealth in Poland - How to Transform the Healthcare System Using IT

          • Janusz Cieszyński

            Ministy of Health

        • -Keynote

          Human Odyssey Towards Personalised Medicine

          The views of Aleksandra Bartosik expressed during Poland 2.0 Summit do not represent the views of Mundipharma Ltd.

          • Aleksandra Bartosik

        • -Keynote

          How Can the Law Support the Process of Commercialising Innovations?

          • Michał Czarnuch

            Domański Zakrzewski Palinka (DZP)

        • -Keynote

          Truths and Myths About Entrepreneurship

          • Stefan Batory


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          Coffee Break

          • -Q&A

            The UK-Poland Story. IB, VC and R&D

            • Aleksandra Janusz

              Ciech R&D

          • -Q&A

            Q&A with Pekao SA

            • Piotr Wetmański

              Pekao Bank

          • -Panel

            Fintech and VC Investments – Foundation of Innovation in Banking

            The new trend in the Polish banking sector shows openness to cooperation with fintechs and startups. The panelists will focus on growing number of Venture Capitals, modelled on Western banks, that are turning top banks in Poland into ahead-of-the-curve smart banks with revenues coming from blockchain technology.

            • Peter Lewinski

              SMR / Sentient Information Technologies B.V.

            • Krzysztof Kulig

              Innova Capital

            • Paweł Tomczuk


            • Magdalena Posłuszny


          • -Q&A

            Transforming a Giant

            • Aleksandra Sroka-Krzyżak

              PKO Bank Polski

          • -

            Lunch (with Speakers)

            An opportunity to have a snack, get to know other attendees at the conference and chat with the speakers themselves!

            • -Panel

              Superpowers of Digital

              • Robert Stanikowski

                The Boston Consulting Group

              • Karol Górnowicz


              • Tomasz Kułakowski


            • -Keynote

              Technology in the Supply Chain

              • Shipra Singh


            • -

              Coffee Break

              • -Panel

                Cities of the Future

                This panel aims to give the participants an insight into the everyday life in future metropolises. We will touch upon innovative solutions and concepts such as the sharing economy, coworking spaces, e-mobility and automated chore execution.

                • Przemysław Chojecki


                • Jerzy Brodzikowski


                • Alex Kartsel


                • Grzegorz Koblański


              • -Presentation

                Innovations Issues: Winner of E(x)plory Competition

                • Piotr Lazarek

                • Maciej Mańka

                  University College London

              • -Presentation

                Go4Poland - Your Future After Graduation

                • Anna Szlagor

                  Warsaw Stock Exchange Foundation

                • Patryk Gwóźdź

                  Warsaw Stock Exchange Foundation

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                Closing Remarks

              • Saturday–Sunday, November 24–25th

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                  EmpowerPL Ball

                  Witness the official opening of the second edition of the EmpowerPL Mentoring Programme in Porchester Hall. During the ball, top Polish talents will make their performance.

                  • Jagoda Krzemińska


                  • Piotr Zubek


                  • Magdalena Zdziebkowska



                  Porchester Hall

                  Porchester Road

                  London, W2 5HS

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              Previous Partners

              Strategic Partner

              1. Boston Consulting Group

              Main Sponsor

              1. Amazon


              1. Polpharma
              2. Adamed
              3. ING
              4. Asseco
              5. Google
              6. Orlen
              7. Domański Zakrzewski Palinka (DZP)
              8. Warsaw Stock Exchange Foundation
              9. Innova Capital

              Honorary Patrons

              1. Embassy of the Republic of Poland in London
              2. Ministry of Investment and Economic Development
              3. Ministry of Science and Higher Education
              4. Foundation for Polish Science
              5. Ministry of Finance
              6. PARP
              7. Ministry of Health
              8. Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology


              1. Center for Leadership
              2. Federation of Polish Student Societies
              3. Innovation Forum
              4. Explory
              5. Science: Polish Perspectives
              6. Uber
              7. Kraków Miastem Startupów
              8. Wolves Summit
              9. Polish Tech Link
              10. Polska Innowacyjna
              11. Imperial College Polish Society
              12. Innovation Nest
              13. MIT EFP
              14. The Swan Foundation
              15. Inspiring Solutions
              16. polsoc.london

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              1. Imperial College London

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