How to unleash the innovation potential in Poland, headed towards the 4th industrial revolution?

Polish innovation is currently happening mostly outside of the borders of our country. Can Poland become the innovation center of Europe and the world, comparable to Silicon Valley or London?

We believe that 25 years after spinging into freedom, we will soon be capable of achieving our next big transformation. We are in the midst of a fourth wave of technological advancement: the rise of new digital industrial technology known as Industry 4.0.

A change for the better emerges from creative interaction of ideas, characters and experiences. The October conference, Poland 2.0 Summit at Imperial College London, the best tech university in Europe, provides a platform for a Polish-British discussion between heads of various industries, entrepreneurs and students. It encourages the creation of a safe environment for development of Polish innovation as well as growth of the start-up community.

Poland 2.0 Summit aims to:

  • Promote Polish innovation
  • Compare Polish and British start-up communities, technologies and education
  • Encourage growth of Polish innovation potential through identifying its strengths and weaknesses (e.g. legal constraints, entrepreneurial mindsets, lack of cooperation with universities)

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